Robot Combat Events

Get ready to RUMBLE!

April Bug Bash   04/29/2017


Matt Penick :

Plastic ANT (one pound robot) Combat Robot competition. We will also run 150g- Fairyweights. Free Admission, $5.00 per robot entry.

Seattle Bot Battles 15   06/17/2017 - 06/18/2017


Rob Farrow :

Our Biggest Event Yet! Safety starts at 9am on Saturday the 17th. Fighting will start at 11:00am on Saturday and 10:00am on Sunday. Important! Hobbyweight robots will only be fighting on Saturday! Bots will compete using a double-elimination format. If there are 5 or fewer bots in a weight class they will use a round-robin format. Pit table space may be limited so plan accordingly. Also, the pit area will not be secure from Saturday night to Sunday morning. Robots and tools will need to be taken home or moved to a storage room at the venue. If you have any questions let us know via email or the Western Allied Robotics Facebook group.

Kilobots test event #1   06/17/2017 - 06/18/2017


Kurtis Wanner :

trying this out for the first time