Robowars ICRA 2018

30lb - Sportsman

30lb - Sportsman

The 30lb Sportsman competition willl use the SPARC rules.

Date: Sunday, May 20, 2018

Begin: 10:00

End: 16:30

Location: The event will be held at the main event at the Suncorp Piazza

Maximum Combatant Age: 120

Minimum Combatant Age: 13

Maximum Combatants: 32

Minimum Combatants: 8


Bot Team Status
Triceracop Shockbotz
Polaris Demon designs
Strange Young Man Team Panic
Nighthawk Angry Circle Robotics
Total Recoil 2 Chunkulator
Moist Pony's Revenge Hellfire Labs
Berserker Hellfire Labs
Hellamax Warbros
Banana Bender M&j robotics (miles robots)
Armistad NTech Robotics
Justice Bot Wolfe Industries
Skeletor Rotwang Robotics
Fragmentor Rotwang Robotics
Reboot Rotwang Robotics
Stingray Rotwang Robotics
Snuggles The Makers Crowd
Video Game Violence Raptor Panic
Hit and Miss M&j robotics (miles robots)
Pickasso M&J ROBOTICS (jules robots)
Citizen Flips Planners
Pot Head Warbros
Wild Fire Marauder
Hydra Rotwang Robotics
Just keep spinning The Wheel Deal
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