Robot Combat Events

Get ready to RUMBLE!

Robot Riot @ RoboSLAM   01/27/2018


Andrea Suarez :

Casual insectweight event held in conjunction with Vex Robotics Competition at RoboSLAM in Miami FL at the Miami-Dade Expo center. If we do not have enough robots for a full bracket, we will either do round robin or open grudge matches and rumbles.

WAR Hobby Expo 2018   01/27/2018 - 01/28/2018


Rob Farrow :

This is Western Allied Robotics annual Hobby Expo event. Details are still being worked out but it looks like we will be doing Ants, Beetles, and Hobby weight robots on Saturday the 27th and Plastic Ants on Sunday the 28th. As with all WAR events, we will have our double elimination format with a single elimination final. If a weight class has 5 or fewer robots we will do a round-robin. The event is free to compete in but the Hobby Expo will charge an admittance fee for everyone. More details soon.

Mini Robot Rumble Open   02/03/2018

Have you ever seen robots fighting on TV? Now is your chance to come watch them in real life! 1.36kg and 150g robots will be battling to the death in a bullet proof arena. Competitors from around the country will be bringing their creations and fighting each other for the ultimate prize. Entry is free and fighting will begin at 10am - come down and see the action! Competitor registration is here:

SBOMD - Fair Fights II   02/10/2018 - 02/11/2018

Small Bots of Mass Destruction is back @ The Martin County Fairgrounds starting on Saturday February 10th 2018... This two-day event hosted by KurTrox along with Treasure Coast Makerspace presents our 5th combat robot tournament. This EPIC event takes place on Sanibel Island. Not only do you get to fight robots, but play in the the sandy gulf coast beaches!! Registration at

Motorama 2018   02/16/2018 - 02/18/2018

150g to 30lb combat at Motorama 2018. Register for this event at

Bot Bash Cup   03/03/2018

insect class bots, details coming soon

Robot Rebellion 2.1   03/25/2018

Robot Rebellion 2.1 brings you compelling robot combat action with our first event of the year! $10 for UK Fleaweights $15 for Fairyweights/UK Antweights $20 for Antweights $25 for Beetleweights Free for Mantisweights Registration at

Motor City Massacre Spring 2018   04/21/2018


Charles Dubicki :

Motor City Massacre Spring 2018 Is the first event of the M.C.R.O. If we have 9 or more Beetleweights or Antweights then we will do a single elimination, if there are 6,7 or 8 Beetles or Ants then it will be double elimination, and Fairyweights will do single elimination if there are 6 or more. If there are less than 6 robots in any weight class that weight class will do a round robin. The event will take place in the meeting room of the Livonia Civic Center Library. Full details, rules and schedule can be found on our website, PLEASE PRINT AND SIGN THE WAIVER THAT CAN BE FOUND ON OUR WEBSITE, PLEASE BRING THE FILLED OUT WAIVER TO THE EVENT!

Robogames 2018   04/27/2018 - 04/29/2018

This is the big one! The biggest robot event in the world with all kinds of robots including combat, lego, soccer, sumo and more. Registration and details can be found at

Clash of the Bots 2018   06/16/2018


Chuck Butler :

This will be a Bug event, for full combat up to 3 pounds fighting in an 8 x 8 arena, and a Bot Hockey competition which will be using a 12 ft. X 20 ft. arena for hockey bots up to 15 lbs. For Bot Hockey you can register as a team of 3 bots, or individuals that will be teamed up with other individuals to create teams. Schools bot hockey teams are encouraged to compete. There will be other robotic activities at the Museum during the event, so 900 MHz, 2.4GHz, or spectrum radios are required. Any other frequency must have prior approval. Standard double elimination and SPARC rules apply. Event information: Location: Schiele Museum Gastonia NC Check-in and safety inspections: Friday night 7-9pm and Saturday 7-8:30am Builders’ meeting: 8:30am Competition: 9am-7pm (Museum Hours may be different) Fees: (includes 2 pit passes per robot) (Extra Pit Passes $15 each) Fleaweight= $10 Antweight= $15 Beetleweight= $15 Bot Hockey=$No cost to enter!! This is a 15lb weight class. Release form and payment due June 1st 2018 Preferred payment method is paypal to You may also pay via Strip on this site. Release Form located at;