Cougar Cup Fall 2023

The University League UH event will take place on October 28 and will include:  150g, 1lb, and 3lb.  It will take place at:  Cullen College of Engineering - Engineering Building 1 4222 Martin Luther King Boulevard Houston, TX 77204-4007

To view full information packet, go to:

General Competition Information

Robot Requirements:   Robots must meet the SPARC Robot Construction Specifications.  In addition, no fire weapons or ICE (Internal Combustion Engines).  Charging of Batteries can only occur on non-carpeted floors.  Weapon locks and sharp edge covers must be used while the bot is outside of the arena.

Registration Fees: Registration fees are paid at check in and upon passing inspection, via Venmo or cash. The Registration fees are -  150g and 150g Sportsman - $10 1lb and 1lb sportsman - $20 3lb destructive - $20

Link to pay via Venmo: 

When paying via Venmo, please state:  Name Robot weight class Robot name Team name

Competitors from Robotics@UH at UH Main Campus and Competitors from UH Sugarland may compete for free provided they show their ID and have paid their student organization dues. 

Arena:   Competitors will be competing in the following 3 arenas: 150g Arena at 4 ft x 3.2 ft 150g Sportsman 150g Destructive (Full Combat) 1lb Arena at 6 ft x 6 ft 1lb Plastic Ants 1lb Destructive (Full Combat) 3lb Arena at 8 ft x 8 ft 3lb Destructive

Communication Links: Link to Discord where we post constant updates: If you have any questions during the competition, post it in the “tournament_info” channel 

Link to stream where you can watch next match and hear upcoming match info: 

Official Robotics@UH competition Page 

Match Order:

Matches will occur in a given arena. The arenas will be rotated between to give teams the maximum possible time to repair or modify their robots. There will be one or more judges manning an active arena to showcase which arena is being used. Prior to the event starting, brackets for each weight class will be made and links to them will be provided at the check-in area. Please check your brackets to see when your next fight is coming up. Additionally matches coming up will be asked to come to the arena during the fight before their own.

Check- in: Located in Engineering Building 1 The Pit (Commons). Check-in starts at 9:00 AM and closes at 10AM. Final Inspections must occur before 11AM, and all inspections cease at 11AM. To check in your robot to the competition, you must pass the following checklist: 

Demonstrated a safe activation, failsafe, and deactivation system with your Robot to a Safety Officer. Demonstrate your robot can drive forward, backwards, left and right successfully to a Safety Officer.. Demonstrate that your robot can successfully failsafe its drive(and weapon, if applicable) system(s) to a Safety Officer.. Show that your robot is equipped with a weapon safety, such as a locking pin, safety clip, or other safety device.  Pay the required registration dues for the event and for your robot. Sign the Safety Release Form and Waiver. 

After Check in, you will be given desk space at either the ESIDE Studio or the Pit/Commons, depending on table availability and the equipment you are bringing. You may need to bring your own table.

Safety Release Form and Waiver  All Participants, UH or non-UH students, must sign the UH Provided Release and Indemnification Agreement. Provided is the link to the Release form. You can print out the form, sign it, and turn in the form at the front desk. A physical copy will be provided to you during check in if you forgot to bring the form. 

For Institution: put Robotics@UH Dept: name of your robot Description: Cougar Cup Fall 2023 Location: Engineering Building 1 Dates: October 28, 2023

Schedule This schedule is subject to change based on weather, check in, and number of bots registered. 

9:00 AM - Check-in/Inspections/Safety Begins For parking locations, see section Parking Location Information

10:00 AM - Last call for all competitors to be in the Pit for Check-In For Inspection Checklist, see section Check In

11:00 AM - Last call for all competitors to pass inspection. (Lunch Begins) For Lunch Options, see section Lunch

12:00 PM - 1st Set of Matches Information will be announced at Discord

2:30 PM - 30 minute Break

3:00 PM - 2nd Set of Matches 6:00 PM - Matches End, Awards Presented

Event Map: All Event Location Information can be found on our Google Map, available here -

Event Locations: The Main Tournament area will be in Engineering Building 1’s Main Atrium, otherwise known as the Pit. Seating is provided and is free of charge. 

Repair Stations and Desks will be the ESIDE Studio, in Engineering Building 2 room E129.

Parking Location Information and Map: Main parking for the event will be in the Elgin Street Garage at 4224 Elgin St, Houston, TX 77004. There is an unloading station at Parking Lot 19E, available for 15 minutes. Check the map for additional details. Parking costs 15$ for the 8 hour option.

Lunch: A 1 hour lunch break will be issued from 11AM-12PM. A notification will be sent through Discord and via the livestream when matches will be started. There are multiple lunch options on campus available on Saturday within walking distance, all of which are available on the provided map.

Event Safety: For event Safety, You can bring an extension chord or power strip. Please only plug in 1 power strip into an outlet. Do not plug in a power strip into a power strip or into an extension cord. Safety glasses are preferred for the event and the ESIDE Studio. Masks are preferred for operating soldering information.

Tool usage: Tool use has some specific regulations which should be addressed. These regulations are provided by UH Risk management. 

Hand tools are permitted across campus. Some electric tools, such as filament repair tools and hot glue guns,electric screwdrivers, are permitted across campus. Machine use, such as cutting, drilling, or dremeling, if using power, can either be conducted outside Engineering Building 1 or in the ESIDE Studio. Soldering electronics is specifically only for the ESIDE Studio.

Location: 4700 Martin Luther King Blvd, Houston, TX 77204, USA


Date: Saturday, October 28, 2023

Begin: 08:00

End: 18:00

Registration: August 20, 2023 - October 28, 2023