BCRC Bell Brawls III

Bell Brawls is an action-packed, engineering-focused Beetleweight combat robotics tournament hosted in Silicon Valley. 20 teams will battle it out in the BCRC's 35 sq. ft. octagonal arena until a champion is crowned.

The rules for the event are based on the Robogames standard ruleset. They can be found hereEvent-related merchandise and food will also be sold during the event!

Watch the highlights from our previous event here!

Battlebot Showcase: BattleBot world champion Tantrum will be on showcase (and maybe more 👀) courtesy of Team Seems Reasonable!

Prizes sponsored by Repeat Robotics and RECR!

The event will be taking place in the Liccardo building.


Event organizer: Reuel.Joseph26@bcp.org

Assistant event organizer: A.Prithvi26@bcp.org

Be sure to join our Discord!

Location: 960 W Hedding St, San Jose, CA 95110, USA

Website: https://bcrcbots.com

Date: Sunday, December 03, 2023

Begin: 09:00

End: 16:00

Registration: October 14, 2023 - December 01, 2023

Team Registration fee: 20.00 USD

Bot Class Registrations
3lb - Beetleweight 15