Crimson Bot Brawl - Fall 2023


Crimson Robotics :

Crimson Bot Brawl, hosted by Crimson Robotics at Washington State University, is WSU's second combat robotics competition. Over the past semester, Crimson Robotics members have been hard at work learning to design, build, and test their own Beetleweight combat robots, and Crimson Bot Brawl is an opportunity to put the results of their hard work to the ultimate test against bots built by members of the combat robotics community.

Crimson Bot Brawl will be held on December 2nd, at The Spark building on the WSU campus. Doors will open for competitors at 8am, and for the general public at 10am.


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Pullman has notoriously harsh winters, and as such we will be monitoring conditions in Pullman and around mountain passes needed to get to Pullman. We will keep everyone posted if anything changes!

Thank you to FingerTech for supporting this event!

Questions? Please contact

Location: 1270 NE Washington St, Pullman, WA 99164, USA


Date: Saturday, December 02, 2023

Begin: 08:00

End: 18:00

Registration: October 18, 2023 - December 02, 2023

Bot Class Registrations
Antweight 7
Plastic Antweight 5
Beetleweight 18