Motorama Robot Conflict

NERC's legendary Motorama Robot Conflict is back again this year ready to smash, bash and trash those winter blues you may be having. Warm up to the heated double elimination competition as 7 different weight classes compete until there can be only one victor.  Who will take the titles this year?  Housed within Motorama, a huge motorsport convention, Robot Conflict is a double-elimination tournament that features excellent announcers, a panel of builder judges and spectators in stadium-style seating.  Robot Conflict or "Moto" - as it is known to builders - has a rich history and remains one of the largest and coolest combat robot tournaments in the U.S. 


Friday, February 16 (9:00 am - 5:00 pm*) - Fairy and Ant Weight Tournament ONLY.    

Saturday, February 17 (8:00 am - 10:00 pm*) and Sunday, February 18 (8:00 am - 5:00 pm*)  - Two-Day Tournament

Weight classes: Beetle weight(3 lb), Hobby weight (12 lb), Feather weight (30lb), Sportsman (30lb, non-high KE weapons).

Also featured: "These Robots Suck" competition with combat robots made from robotic vacuum clearners,shop vacs and the like.    

*times are tentative


Registration fees are $60 for first robot, and $40 for each additional robot.  Add $20 for a parking pass.  Your registation includes one two-day pass, pit table and electric. Buy passes for any pit crew/guests at the time of your registration so they can have early 8:00 am access to the Farm Show Complex.  General admission entry is at 9:00 am and can be crowded. 

For questions and more information visit: 


Location: 2300 N Cameron St, Harrisburg, PA 17110, USA


From: February 16, 2024 to February 18, 2024

Begin: 09:00

End: 05:00

Team Registration fee: 60.00 USD