WAR is excited to be back in Portland! 

New Location: We are trying out a new venue at Experiment PDX

When: The event is Saturday March 16th. We will be setting up at 9am sharp and will need some helping hands getting the arena together.  Once the arena is ready and we get everyone checked-in we'll start the matches, likely around 10:30.

Weight Classes: We will be running Plastic Ants, Ants and Beetles for this event. The venue isn't free, so please don't forget to make the $25 per robot donation so we can cover our costs.

Registration Limits: Because registration is somewhat limited, we will be prioritizing 1-bot per weightclass per driver for registration.  If you want to drive >1 robot in a weight class, go ahead and register but you will be waitlisted until we know there is space. 

Arena: We will be using our 8x8 arena.  I know it is on the bigger side for the 1lb bots, but we can't get our smaller trailer-based arena into the venue.

More details coming soon.

Location: 1421 SE Stark St, Portland, OR 97214, USA

Website: https://www.westernalliedrobotics.com

Date: Saturday, March 16, 2024

Begin: 09:00

End: 18:30

Registration: January 20, 2024 - March 16, 2024