TRC Presents: Robot Rebellion 4.1


Peter Garnache :

Ryan Lu :

Texas Robot Combat is back for our first big event of 2024! We're running three brackets across two arenas, at the same time! Spectators are free!

Important information: This event takes place in the REV Robotics shop. The shop is currently under construction so you will need to bring your own pit tables, chairs, and water/snacks. Remember that we are guests in the space, so please respect the shop and the facility.  The REV venue is awesome and we had a great time last time around.

Pit space is limited. We have a limited number of pit tables. Please bring your own table if you are able to. Teams that don't bring their own tables will be assigned a half of a table per 2 robots registered. Please don't crowd the pits. Only have the required personell to repair robots in the pits to keep them open for others. 

Signups are limited to one robot per driver per weight class.

ALL SIGNUPS MUST BE DONE BEFORE THE EVENT. We are expecting the event to fill up, so register fast!  


Date: May 11th, 2024



REV Robotics HQ

2941 Commodore Dr Suite 110, 

Carrollton, TX 75007

Entrance is through the rightmost doorway in the front of the building.



8:30 - Doors open and check in starts

8:45 - safety starts

10:30 - Check in closes, you MUST be in the building by now if you plan on competing

10:45 - Drivers meeting, brackets will be finalized at this point

11:00 - Fights begin with round 1

13:00 - Round 2 fights begin, all classes

14:45 - Round 3 fights begin, all classes

16:30 - Brackets are finalized and start.

19:00 estimated wrap up time



Registration fees:


Arena: Ants will be run in the 6x6x2 arena. Beetles and plastic ants will run in the 8x8x4 big box. We may choose to run antweight final fights in the 8x8x4 arena depending on schedule. 

The arena is a 6x6x2 with wooden floors and 2 corner pits. The pits are approximately 12in x 12in and have a lip around them to help prevent accidental pittings. Similar to the last event, we have a cover for the pits. Robots without spinning weapons can choose to uncover the pit closest to their starting square if they want the ablility to pit out their opponent. The pit covers are not fixed in place, and robots sitting on the covers can sometimes cause them to rotate, dropping the robot into the pit. 

The 8x8 arena has polycarbonate kickplates that are approximatley 6" tall. There is a 3" gap between the kickplates and the walls, and this will count as an out of the arena area. Bots stuck in this zone will be counted out. 



We will follow the basic sparc ruleset. Full ruleset can be found here:

General Rules:

Plastic antweight specific rules:




Brackets will be shuffled after the final list of participants have checked in. All brackets can be found at the link below:



Location: 2941 Commodore Dr Suite 110, Carrollton, TX 75007, USA


Date: Saturday, May 11, 2024

Begin: 08:30

End: 18:00