GSCRL Presents: May the 4th be with you!!!


We'll be live on the GSCRL channel here!  (

Competition Categories and Rules:

Our competition includes multiple categories, each with specific rules and regulations. For detailed information, please refer to our official rules and guidelines Spark Rules,

Logistics and Preparation Details:

Pits and Tables: We will provide dedicated pits Please bring tables if you have one.   This is due to the rapid growth of the league!

Equipment and Supplies: Power will be provided, but we encourage teams to bring extension cords and power strips.  

Food and Beverage Information:

Food Trucks will be on site, however, make sure to bring snacks and water to stay hydrated!  

Team Details:

Please provide the number of team members and any special needs or requests during the registration process. Safety Reminders: Function Checks: Outside the test box, all wheels must be up, and weapons must be locked.

Weapons: If possible, weapons should be unplugged (this will be encouraged in future designs).

Safety Inspection: Please ensure that weapon locks are properly checked.

Power On Procedures: The correct order is:

  1. Turn on the transmitter (TX)
  2. Power on the robot.
  3. Remove the weapon lock.
  4. Power Off Procedures: The correct order is:
  5. Enable the weapon lock.
  6. Power off the robot.
  7. Turn off the transmitter (TX).

Unsticks: 1 Unstick for the Event


Contact Information: For any questions, clarifications, or further assistance, please get in touch with Alex Curtis at Discord,

Maximum of 55 Robots to register, this will be a 2 arena event.

 See you there.  

Location: 1500 NJ-57, Washington, NJ 07882, USA


Date: Saturday, May 04, 2024

Begin: 10:30

End: 19:00

Bot Class Registrations
Ants 20
Plants 6
Beetles 20