EPO June Jamboree


David Brunet :     hacrcombat@innovation-spark.org

The EPO June Jamboree event will take place on June 1, 2024 and will include 150g, 1lb, and 3lb weight classes.   


EPO Houston, 3753 Fondren Rd B, Houston, TX 77063 Map: https://maps.app.goo.gl/ccCdPjAPzJa6v8uX7  Parking: Street Parking along Lipan Road. 

General Competition Information

Robot Requirements:  

Robots must meet the SPARC Robot Construction Specifications. Weapon locks and sharp edge covers must be used while the bot is outside of the arena.

Registration Fees:

To be paid at check in and upon passing inspection, via Paypal, Zelle or cash.

The Registration fees are:

Payment Links: 

When paying electronically, please state:  Name Robot weight class Robot name Team name


Competitors will be competing in the following arenas: 

Communication Links: 

Match Order:

Matches will occur in the designated arena.  The arenas will be rotated between to give teams the maximum possible time to repair or modify their robots.  Please check your brackets to see when your next fight is coming up. 

Check- in: 

To check in your robot to the competition, you must pass the following checklist: 

NOTE: Innovation Spark captures Waivers Electronically and are valid for 1 year. We will send out an email either confirming or requesting you sign a new waiver 1 week prior to the event. 

After Check in, You can find a spot in the parking lot to setup your station, please bring your own tables / tent for the event, and be cognizant of the other teams. Ideally we suggest you share space with them, as space it typically limited. 


This schedule is subject to change based on weather, check in, and number of bots registered. 

Safety: Everyone participating should become familiar with the HACR Rules -

HACR Safety Rules   

Pay particular attention to the Participant Safety Guide Section. 

Power: EPO provides us with a Shared Power area for charging batteries and equipment use. Ideally you should use your own Remote Power as much as possible, due to limitations on the Power consumption of the circuits. Please share the power, as it is provided for the community.   

Location: 3753 Fondren Rd B, Houston, TX 77063, USA

Website: https://www.facebook.com/groups/hacrusa

Date: Saturday, June 01, 2024

Begin: 09:00

End: 18:00