Robot Fight Club 2: High Avenue Heat


Lucas Phillips :



Iowa’s original robot combat competition returns! I’m happy to announce Robot Fight Club 2: High Avenue Heat. This will be a small and low-key event, so feel free to bring something new and focus on having fun!


Who: Open to anyone to compete or spectate. Minors must be accompanied by a responsible adult

What: Robot combat event for antweight and fairyweight robots

When: Saturday June 1st 2024 9:00am venue opens

Where: Saint Mary’s Parish Center 301 High Avenue East, Oskaloosa Iowa, 52577

Why: To have fun and fight robots!


A big thank you to Saint Mary’s of Oskaloosa Catholic Church for providing the venue. The competition will be held in the parish center. I ask everyone in attendance to be respectful of the venue and remember this is a family friendly event.


This event will be open free of charge to spectators, so if you’re interested in fighting robots come check it out! The schedule is listed below:


9:00am: Venue opens to competitors 

9:30-10:15am: Safety checks/weigh-ins

10:30am Builder’s meeting with competition starting immediately following

1:00pm-ish: 30 minute lunch break


I’m hoping to wrap things up by around 5:00pm but event end time is flexible. The two weight classes for this event will be fairyweights (150 grams) and full combat antweights (1 pound). We’ll be following slightly modified SPARC rules:



Format is double elimination with 3 minute matches. In the event only a few bots show up we may do a round robin format. Judge’s decisions are final and will be on a 5-5-5 scale.

The arena is a 4x4x2 foot box with a wooden floor. There is a small push out zone.

Competitor fees are $20 for ants and $10 for fairies due at the event. I will take cash, cash app, or paypal. 

My email is If you have any questions please ask. I’m also in the MRCA discord if you'd prefer to ask there.

Location: 301 High Ave W, Oskaloosa, IA 52577, USA


Date: Saturday, June 01, 2024

Begin: 09:00

End: 17:00

Registration: April 30, 2024 - May 31, 2024

Bot Class Registrations
Fairy 7
Ant 14