Robot Combat Event @ RCE

Introducing Robot Combat Event at RC Excitement, RCE@RCE!!

50 Robots - Beetleweight only.

Fee: $40 per bot.  No Refunds, so sign up if you know you can make it!

*** Registration is Open! *** The first 23 bots to sign up may have been asked to pay $80 instead of $40. This was a mistake in how we set up the RCE listing. We are issuing $40 refunds ASAP. It has since been corrected.


RC Excitement 208 Bemis Rd. Fitchburg, Ma 01420

The facility has 75 permanently installed 3.5-4 foot wide pit tables with power. The event will be ran with 2 cages.  (Same cages that were used at NHRL RIT.)

RC Excitement requires that all LiPo batteries be charged in a LiPo-safe bag.  If you do not have one, RC Excitement sells them for about $15.

The venue would prefer that you use a pit mat so if you have a pit mat, please use one. A pit mat is a rubber or silicone mat you put down in your pit to protect the table. It is nice to have either way, and they are sold in the store at the front of the building for about $25.

The cages are located on the indoor dirt track. We recommend that you do not wear nice shoes as they will get dirty.

For those with RC cars, the facility will have their outdoor crawler course and 1/8-1/10 scale basher track open for playing. They will also have their indoor crawler course open.  Access to these tracks is included in your registration fee.

We will have food trucks on site!


7:30am: Pits + Safety Open

9:00am: Driver's Meeting

9:30am: Qualification Round Begins

1:00pm (ish): Elimination round begins

6:30pm: Finals!

7:00pm: Awards

Tournament Format

The format will be similar to the NHRL format including qualifying rounds and a single elimination tournament bracket. Competitors will receive an email notification with more details about the format in the weeks leading up to the tournament. This page will also update with more information as it comes. We may adjust the tournament format to maximize the number of fights per robot closer to the event date.

Bot Rules

For the most part, we will follow the NHRL rule set with a few notable exceptions. For anything not explicitly stated here, please default to the NHRL rule set found here, or contact Brian or Glenn Boxell.


A multi-bot (multiple independent robot components fighting under a single entrant) may qualify for the 1lb multibot weight bonus (4lb total nominal weight). To qualify, each segment of the multibot entry must fall within 49-51% of the total entry weight. For example, if a multibot entry weighs 3.5lbs combined, each segment must weigh between 1.715 and 1.785lbs. Do NOT bring those pesky NHRL minibots.

Weight Bonuses

All robots are allotted 110% of the nominal weight they would otherwise qualify for. For clarity, refer to the chart below. The reason for this is that we want to match the NHRL ruleset (being the largest local league) as closely as possible while also disallowing minibots and being inclusive of NHRL regulars who are accustomed to a bit of extra weight.

Fire Safety

No Flamethrowers will be allowed. Lame, but unfortunately necessary.

LiPo batteries are allowed. If at any point a LiPo battery becomes exposed in a way that presents a potentially dangerous situation , the referee may pause the match immediately and the offending robot loses by KO.


For any questions please contact Glenn Boxell, or Brian Boxell,, via Discord or email.

Location: 208 Bemis Rd, Fitchburg, MA 01420, USA


Date: Saturday, September 28, 2024

Begin: 07:30

End: 19:30

Registration: July 15, 2024 - September 27, 2024

Bot Class Registrations
3 lb - Beetleweights 35