SmashBotz Wasteland Weekend edition 2024


Jerry Serafin :

Welcome to the rules and guidelines for SmashBotz Wasteland Weekend edition. If you are reading this then you are probably interested in building your very own combat robot specific to this event. Due to the nature of this event, post-apocalyptic aesthetics are required for the competition. This rule set covers most of the safety protocols in robotic combat competitions for the safety of everyone involved. Please keep in mind that if at safety check-in a robot is deemed unsafe by the organizers, there is a chance the robot may not compete or may be asked to not use the “unsafe feature” of the robot.

Construction: Most anything goes in terms of weapons such as wedges, hammers, swords, spikes, flippers, grabbers etc. What is not allowed for this event: no fire, pyrotechnics, projectiles, flying robots, entanglement devices or liquids or any sort. Slow spinners are allowed with an absolute maximum tip speed of 20 feet per second and may spin in any direction. The tip speed in feet per second is calculated by this formula: Tip Speed = RPM x Diameter x .00436. Robot must be at least 12 inches tall. Robot Weight cannot exceed 60Lbs (Bonus weight will given to break-away parts that add to the theatrics of the event) Internal combustion engines are allowed. Jumping limitation of 3 feet for jumping robots. Please be mindful of safety in your designs as the arena does not have a roof to protect spectators and drivers alike from flying projectiles. *Trick Tip: Keep an eye out for abandoned power wheels. These serve as a simple platform to build your robot creation! Most power wheels come with 2 separate motors on the same axle that can be wired independently for “tank style” control of the robot. But most important, have fun with your design!

If you are new and want a more in-depth view of the standard rule-set please use link below:

Game Play: This is a single Elimination competition concluding with a rumble if you choose to participate. Two robots compete in a head-to-head match following the basics of boxing. The robots engage in (2) 1 minute rounds, in which either one of the robots are to be knocked out or until match time runs out. You cannot pin your opponent for more than 5 seconds. In the case of a "stuck scenario" the timer will be stopped to separate the robots and started up again to continue the battle with the remaining time. The audience decides the winner in the case of a "no knock-out" scenario.

Arena Specifications: Roughly 30 foot diameter steel fence on a post-apocalyptic off-road terrain so plan your wheels to have adequate traction in soft sand/dirt.

Robot Control: Radio Control preferred 2.4Ghz (DSM,DSM2,AFHDS) Please feel free to reach out to the competition organizer if you have any questions.

*A ticket to the event is required. There might be a few discounted tickets left for builders so if you are serious about competing at this event please reach out at

Location: 17200 Rosewood Blvd, Edwards AFB, CA 93523, USA


From: September 28, 2024 to September 29, 2024

Begin: 05:00

End: 00:04

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