Insomnia 63 - KOB-UK International Championships!

Robo Challenge and King of Bots are partnering up for this exciting event that will be held at the Insomnia Gaming Festival from August 24th to the 27th.

13.6kg (30lb) bots will compete to become the chamption!

To apply please fill out the information here.  Applications close 23rd July.

Entry fees are £25 per team which includes 1 robot entry. Each additional robot is £10. The entry fee includes up to 4 team members entry into the Insomnia Gaming Festival for the duration of the event. The event is accepting 50 teams for this event plus reserves. The event will be filmed as live for streaming and online content.

This event will be run in accordance with the Robo Challenge build rules and Robo Challenge competition regulations. Please be aware this event has a 1 robot per driver rule. Any additional entries from your team must have a separate driver and be completed on a separate application form.  For questions please contact the event organizers via email

For ticket information go here

Location: North Avenue, Birmingham, B40 1, Birmingham, England, United Kingdom


From: August 24, 2018 to August 27, 2018

Begin: 09:00

End: 18:00

Registration: July 18, 2018 - July 23, 2018

Team Registration fee: 25.00 GBP