Join us as we salute 100 years of war fighter innovation at Fort Benning, the home of the Battle Labs and Maneuver Center of Excellence, HQ for all things robotics, autonomous and drones for the U.S. Army.

Combat Robotics, Drone Demonstrations, Game of Drones, MultiGP Drone Races, Vertical Drag Race, Stein and Keg Hoists, Sumobots,and competitive robotics on display!

Frank Braski

Location: 2936 N Lumpkin Rd, Columbus, GA 31903, Columbus, GA, United States


From: October 19, 2018 to October 21, 2018

Begin: 10:00

End: 20:00

Registration: August 02, 2018 - October 18, 2018

Team Registration fee: 15.00 USD

Bot Class Registrations
150g - Fairyweight 0
1lb - Antweight 0
3lb - Beetleweight 0