Bot'geddon 2018

Fairyweight, Antweight, and Plastic Antweight robots compete at this exciting event. 

You can register for the event on the Bot'geddon website.

The event will be using a fight card format where bots can have up to 4 matches during the day with the top bots having a single elimination tournament to decide the ultimate winner.   

Rules are standard SPARC rules with the following exceptions:

The plastic weight class follows the same rules as WAR

For those not local to the area, the event can be watched live on Twitch.


Location: Campus Dr, Loomis, CA 95677, Loomis, CA, United States


Date: Saturday, October 06, 2018

Begin: 09:00

End: 16:00

Registration: August 09, 2018 - August 09, 2018