Adelaide Robot Combat Meet

ARC's Third meet of 2019!  Get more info on their event page.  

Antweight A & B Leagues and Beetleweight League only. No Antweight 2v2's this month. Everyone is welcome to come and either compete or spectate. Competitors can bring their own robots or hire one of our loan robots for the night. Registration is at the event and is strictly from 12.30pm to 1.15pm.

Matches will start at 1.30pm. Weight Classes: 150 gram Antweight (not enforcing the 4x4x4 inch UK size rule). 1.36kg Beetleweight. Following the SPARC rulesets. and our modified ruleset (found in our group's file section). Registration Cost: - $10 to register any number of Antweight robots in any tournament per roboteer.* - $10 to register in the Beetleweight tournament per roboteer.* - $10 to hire a house loan bot in Antweight B League.* - Spectators FREE!

Location: 111 Woodville Rd, St Clair SA 5011, Australia


Date: Sunday, March 03, 2019

Begin: 12:30

End: 17:30

Registration: January 28, 2019 - January 28, 2019