Seattle Bot Battles 2019

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Congratulations to the Winners of Seattle Bot Battles 2019!  

Robot Class 1st 2nd


Sportsman Grill Master Llama Sheen Storm Rider
Hobbyweights Dark Sabre Quicksilver

Claw Viper

Beetleweights Medow Duct Spartan Allosaurus
Antweights Dark Siren Subdue


Plastic Antweights

Plastic Fork Firmly Grasp It

Dark Claw

Fairyweights Dark Bullit Fruit Bat

Dark Scalpel 

Challonge Brackets




Twitch Stream  Saturday 10:30-5:30 and Sunday 10:30-5:00

Link to Fight Schedule -  

Saturday Brackets -

    Antweights -

    Beetleweights -

    Sportsman -

Sunday Brackets - 

    Fairyweights -

    PlasticAnts -

    Hobbyweights -


Event Description Below

Help make this our Biggest event yet!  Seattle Bot Battles is free for bot builders and spectators.  Come watch at the Seattle Center Armory building Saturday July 6th and Sunday July 7th.  


Saturday July 6th - Ants, Beetles, 30-Sportsman Sunday July 7th - Fairies, Plastic Ants, Hobbies
8:30am - 10:00am Safety 8:30am - 10:00am Safety
10:30am - 5:30pm - Robot Fighting 10:30am - 4:00pm - Robot Fighting
5:30pm - Group Dinner at nearby venue 4:00pm - Arena teardown

Event Format and Rules

Western Allied Robotics events use a modified double-elimination format. The final is decided  with a single final match. If there are 5 or fewer bots in a weight class they will use a round-robin format. Please read the Rules to make sure your bot qualifies to compete. 

We've added 30-sportsman to the event!

Build something and help kickstart this weight class for WAR!  You can find the Sportsman rules here starting section 4.2.  There will be a few changes to the rules for this event. 


Sportsman, Hobby and Beetle robots will fight in a 12'x16' arena with a pit in one corner.  The pit has a steel edge around it that reduces the chance of accidentally driving in.

Antweights, Plastic Ants and Fairy robots will fight in a 5'x6' arena with a small pit in one corner.  The exact design of the pit is TBD but like the big arena it should be difficult to accidentally drive into it.

Pit Tables

Pit table space may be limited so plan accordingly. Also, the pit area will not be secure from Saturday night to Sunday morning. Robots and tools will need to be taken home or moved to a storage room at the venue. If you have any questions let us know via email or the Western Allied Robotics Facebook Group. If registration hits capacity we may have a 4-bot per team limit to make sure everyone gets a chance to compete.

Registration notice!

If you have any questions please contact us.

Location: 305 Harrison St, Seattle, WA 98109, USA


From: July 06, 2019 to July 07, 2019

Begin: 08:30

End: 17:00