Extreme STEM

Extreme STEM is a free to attend STEM and Robot Combat event.

Aimed at 8+ years old, Extreme STEM 2019 offers a number of fun and engaging activities: Robot building and competing, engineering and technology demonstrations, along side Combat Robotic competitions.


Beetle weight < 1.5kg

Feather Weight < 13.6kg

Middle Weight < 55kg

Please follow the build and safety standards of the Fighting Robots Association (FRA), which can be found here:  http://www.fightingrobots.co.uk/documents/Build-Rules.pdf

To participate in the event please signup on the registration page.  Team applications will close on 30th September 2019.


There will also be NON-COMBAT activities.

Recycling Challenge: Design/Invent /Build anything from recycled materials, wow everyone with your creation.

Green Power Challenge: Design/Invent anything relating to Green Power, wow everyone with your creation.

Open Display: If you have a project relating to STEM and want to come and display your creation

LEGO Maze: Lego Robots go around a maze - fastest time end to end wins

LEGO Tug of War: Lego Robots go head to head in a Tug of war, the first robot to pull their opponent over the line wins

LEGO Assault course: The robot will be controlled around a small assault course against the clock, the fastest robot wins.  

Location: Prince of Wales, Tommy Taylors Ln, Cheltenham GL50 4RN, UK

Website: https://www.facebook.com/events/329991594293296/

Date: Friday, November 08, 2019

Begin: 09:00

End: 17:00