Bay Area Bot Battles February 2020


Brandon Kittredge :

Come to our huge shop in Richmond, CA to battle your combat robots in our 4'x4'x2' arena with steel floors. Pictures and videos of the venue are on our Facebook page. The event will include Fairyweight (150g), Plastic Antweight (1lb.) and Antweight (1lb.) combat divisions with double elimination. For robot construction guidelines and rules please refer to the SPARC Website. Please submit a photo or CAD photo of your robot with registration.

Battles start at 10am. Safety checks start at 9am. We will be open at 6am if some people want to come help set up and get organized.

Please bring your own folding table, chair and power strip. We have a few available if you don't have one.

Free to spectators.

5% of all proceeds go to supporting the Big Brother Big Sister organization in the Bay Area

Live video will be streamed on Twitch TV

Location: 603 S 8th St, Richmond, CA 94804, USA


Date: Saturday, February 08, 2020

Begin: 10:00

End: 17:00

Registration: December 11, 2019 - February 07, 2020