Rocky Mountain STEAMfest


Kyle McElroy :

14/30 Beetleweights registered | 13/30 Antweights Registered | 3 Plastic Antweights Registered

Rocky Mountain STEAM fest is a colloborative event between the CCRC and Maker Boulder and is a premiere event not only for combat robotics, but for all things Science, Technoloy, Engineering, Arts and Making! We'll have 1lb. Antweights, Plastic Antweights, and 3lb. Beetleweights competing from 10AM - 5PM on Saturday & Sunday. This is the first event in the CCRC season and all results count towards the CCRC Regular Season Standings! Group stage will be Saturday, Finals will be on Sunday with open time at the end for grudge matches and crowd participation!

*Prizes for Beetlweights & Antweights: $100 for 1st | $75 for 2nd | $50 for 3rd

*Winner of the Plastic Antweight Competition will receive a Google Home Mini courtesy of Oracle!

Please note, spectator tickets are only available from the Maker page! Entry into the event is included with your registration, any additional tickets must be purchased from the Maker Bolder Ticket Page. For all team spectators you can use the code "BATTLE" for a 25% discount! For those who have no competed before, check out the Getting Started section of the website and don't forget that we offer 3D printing services for those who don't have access to a 3D printer!!

Saturday Schedule:

Builder Arrival + Safety Inspections - 10AM

Tournament Begins - 11AM

End of Day 1 - 445PM

*We will be running the bracket up until the semifinal stage on this day, extra time will allow for Grudge Matches that count toward Regular Season CCRC Standings

Sunday Schedule:

Builder Arrival - 10AM

Begin Day 2 - 11AM

Award Ceremony - 2PM

Grudge Matches / Crowd "Jump-In" - 2:45PM

End of Day 2 - 4PM

Location: 9595 Nelson Rd, Longmont, CO 80501, USA


From: March 07, 2020 to March 08, 2020

Begin: 10:00

End: 17:00

Team Registration fee: 25.00 USD