Sparklecon SMASH VII


Martin Mason :

Robot Fighting is back in So. Cal and even bigger!   Sparklecon SMASH features 150g, 1lb, 3lb and 1lb plastic class.  Two Arenas!   Come fight at the biggest, loudest, most extreme event in Southern California.   The SAC ATTACK arena is BACK updated, and even better with no place to hide!  40 sq feet of fighting area with 1/2" lexan walls, NO RING OUTS, NO HAZARDS and NO CORNERS.  Bring your 1lb and 3lb bots to fight against the top competitors on the west coast.    Bring your 150g and 1lb plastic bots to fight in the Pyramid of Power arena with a freshly ground floor.  FIGHT ALL DAY!  FIGHT ALL NIGHT!  

150g, 1lb, 3lb  run on SPARC rules.  SPARC RULES 1lb plastic class run on WAR rules.  WAR Rules    Top competitors will gain points in the international qualifiers in collaboration with KOB international Bot registry.  

The venue has a partial machine shop on site.   Event is co-sponsored by the 23B hackerspace and Mountie Makerspace.   Also get to have access to one of the premier DIY / Hacker conferences with talks, demos, flames, and HV goodness on site.  Sparkelcon also hosts an afterparty from 6PM - 2AM. 

Registration fee is a suggested donation of $10 for all the robots you want to run. 


Rough Agenda for Event:

9:00 Doors Open

9:15 Safety Checks Start

10:15 Drivers Meeting

10:30 Event Starts


We will alternate Brackets between Fairy, Ant, Beetle. Roughly as follows:

10:30 Fairy Round 1 / Ant Round 1

11:00 Plastic Ant Round 1 / Beetle Round 1

12:00 Lunch

12:30 Fairy Round 2 / Ant round 2

1:30 Beetle Round 2 / Plastic Ant Round 2

2:00 Fairy Round 3 / Ant Round 3

2:30 Plastic Ant Round 3 / Beetle Round 3

3:30 Fairy Weight Semi Finals / Ant Semi Finals / Beetle Semi Finals / Plastic Ant Semi Finals

4:00 Rumbles

4:30 Ant / Fairy / Beetle / Plastic Ant Finals 

5:00 Awards Ceremony

Location: 418 E Commonwealth Ave, Fullerton, CA 92832, USA


Date: Saturday, January 25, 2020

Begin: 09:00

End: 18:00

Registration: January 03, 2020 - January 25, 2020

Bot Class Registrations
Fairy 9
Ant 7
Plastic Ant 6
Beetle 8