2020 ERRF Smackdown


Jasen Stengel :     jasen@macrobot.us

Please look at the bottom for updates.

Please register through http://buildersdb.com/eventdetail.asp?eventid=632

Antweight (1 pound) 3d printed plastic robots. 

This event will be the filming for the Virtual Eastcoast RepRap Festival 2020 watch party..

Event schedule: - 11:00 am Competitor Setup - 1:00 pm Event check in opens - 1:45 pm Event Check in closes - 1:45 pm Drivers meeting - 2:00 pm Combat starts - 8:00 pm Event ends

Check in procedure: 1. Fill out the COVID tracing form, including temperatures of all persons in your party. Please leave the thermometer and form where they are located. This can be completed at anytime after your arrival.

2. Fill out the UAS site waiver for the driver. Place the completed form in the box with the red lid. This can be completed at anytime after your arrival.

3. Fill out the bot check in form This can be completed at anytime after your arrival.

4.Take you bot, and the bot check in form to the check in station. 

5. At the check in station, the bot will be weighed, B roll footage taken, and a failsafe check performed. The bot check in form will filled out an collected by a staff member of MACRO.

Please see http://macrobot.us/construction-specifications/ for construction specifications.

Address:   Unallocated Space, 512 Shaw Ct #105, Severn, MD

As the current state of the spread of COVID is fluctuating and there is the very real possibility that the State of Maryland, or Anne Arundel County may impose restrictions on gatherings, the event is subject to cancellation.  As such, no fees will be collected in advance. Please be prepared to pay at the door.

In order to comply with the current Phase 2 COVID rules in Maryland, Anne Arundel County and the venues rules, at the time of this posting (August 30, 2020), please review the following...

- Please do NOT attend is you are feeling sick, running a fever, or have any other symptoms of COVID.

1. Wear your mask

2. Stay 6 feet apart

3. 10 person maximum occupancy in the building, per UAS rules

4. Leave bathroom doors open so people can tell if they are occupied. 

5. Make sure to fill out the COVID tracing form <i>and</i> the UAS waiver.

And now on with the important stuff...

6. The least dangerous robot goes in the box first. The most dangerous in the box last.

7. The most dangerous bot comes out first, if at all possible. Then the least dangerous bot.

8. If a battery becomes exposed, the match is over. This is a safety thing.

9. Keep you bots turned off, weapons safeties on and the wheels off the ground.  Once more, a safety thing.

10. We will have someone call next match, and on deck match. We will also try to post the current brackets and next fight within the Discord event channel. We have 20 minutes between matches for any one bot, so towards the end, we will likely be having grudge matches to fill time.

11. No late hits. If the other bot is disabled, ask before you hit them again. Basically be polite.

12. Have fun, play safe.

- Please try to keep the total attendance to a minimum.

- The pits will be outdoors. As such, please bring tables, chairs, sun canopies, sun screen, etc. (We know of at least one team that plans to pit out of their car.) Each teams pit will be located at least one car parking space from all others (8 feet)

- If you want power at your pit space, please bring an extension cord.

- The $10 entry fee is to be paid in cash. If at all possible, please use a pair of $5 bills.

Unall{0}cated Space, the venue, will have cold water, and Gatorade available for the suggested donation of $1 per bottle.  Any donation to help the venue is greatly appreciated, and will make holding events there easier in the future.

Updates -

September 3, 2020 - The 16 available slots have been filled in a record 2 hours!  We will be speaking with the venue about increasing the maximum competitors to 20, tonight.  Watch here for further updates.

September 4, 2020 - As the State of Maryland has moved to Phase 3, and the venue is comfortable with our COVID precautions, we have been able to increase the number of bots from 16 to 20.  If you were intending to attend and were unable to register, now is the time to move.  See the link above.

Location: 512 Shaw Ct, Severn, MD 21144, USA

Website: https://www.macrobot.us

Date: Saturday, September 26, 2020

Begin: 11:00

End: 20:00

Bot Class Registrations
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