Rocket Republic Taproom Tap Out #5

Join us in April and bring your bot! 

Check in begins at 2PM, safety meeting at 2:45PM, fights commence 3PM.

*** ALABAMA'S MASK MANDATE expires on April 9 ***

PLEASE NOTE: In order to accomodate more participants, I am requesting no more than 2 bots per adult/solo teen participant and 1 bot per child participant. The participant is the person who is using the transmitter during combat. (If the brackets do not fill up, this rule will be relaxed in advance of the event to give people the ability to register more bots - but we have been experiencing more "new" drivers and we want ot be able to accomodate as many participants as possible)  

PLEASE ALSO NOTE: We will have the arena available no later than 2PM for you to ensure your bot is ready for combat. When you check in your bot, we will assume your bot is fully functional and ready to fight. We will publish the fight order ten minutes prior to the event. When the event commences we are assuming all bots are ready to fight per the published fight order. If we call for your bot and you are unable to produce your bot, you will forfeit the first fight. Reasonable accomodations will be made for an individual who has back-to-back fights, but it is expected each bot has a fresh battery and paired transmitter. This will only be enforced during the first round to ensure the first round goes smoothly to buy time for later rounds. Subsequent rounds will have more slack as bots are damaged and require repair.

Ants and Beetles: 6' x 6' arena with a low wall (1" high) in one corner. Getting trapped behind or on the wall (10 second countdown) results in loss of battle. Floor is steel and magnets are allowed.

Fairies: 32"x32" arena insert with 2" high walls.

Thanks to our sponsors Rocket Republic Brewing and i3 Cares!

Location: 289 Production Ave, Madison, AL 35758, USA


Date: Saturday, April 17, 2021

Begin: 15:00

End: 19:00

Registration: January 24, 2021 - March 30, 2021

Bot Class Registrations
Fairyweight 4
Antweight 13
Plastic Antweight 9
Beetleweight 7