Battle in the Backwoods 2


Jason Rogers :

We are located in middle tn in a private commercial building with plenty of parking.   We have a 6x6x4 arena made from 1/2 polycarbonate and and additional 1/2 x12in  poly toe board with seamless steel floor. We have ventilator system buit into the area to push any fumes outside in the event of a fire.We have plenty of pit area for all competitors but ask that any spectators not supporting contact us prior to the event. 

Participants may enter more than 1 bot per class, we will do out best to allow  everyone time for repairs. This will be a double elimination event. 

Event will start at 12:00 Central. 

Beetle Bounty $$$$$

As many know, Mathew Tompkins dominated the last event in our 3lb beetle class leaving bot parts scattered from his competition. 

Welp...he now has a bounty on his head for October 9th event. This will be a standard bracket format.

The 1st person to KO him gets $200.  

KO means he is dead, not left to a judges decision. As for control of movement, if Nautiloid can not move to make contact to its stationary competitor, Natutiloid will be counted out and the match will end in a KO. For safety, if his lipo becomes exposed, the match will end in a KO. If Nautiloid taps out or the match, the match ends in a KO.

If Matt goes the entire event without being KO he will go home $200 richer.

If this goes smoothly,  at the end of the event we may discuss a bounty for the winner of the 3lb class  for the next event.

Have the baddest beetle??? Want $200$.  See ya in October!

#thanksBushHog  Eagleville Implement Co.

Find us on Facebook for rules and information

Location: 6051 Nashville Hwy, Chapel Hill, TN 37034, USA


Date: Saturday, October 09, 2021

Begin: 12:00

End: 20:00

Registration: June 26, 2021 - October 07, 2021

Bot Class Registrations
150g - Fairyweight 5
1lb - Antweight 10
3lb - Beetleweight 8