Wisconsin Robot Combat January 2022

Open Ant

1lb - Antweight

Date: Saturday, January 15, 2022

Begin: 10:00

End: 17:00


Maximum Combatant Age:

Minimum Combatant Age:

Maximum Combatants: 32

Minimum Combatants:

Bot Registration Fee: 30.00 USD


Bot Team Status
Little Slugger TobyTopia
Theseus GBT Robotics
Cookie Cutter Cupcake Creations
Leatherface TEAM MASHUP
Pirithous GBT Robotics
Illogikill Freakbots
Mudskipper y_0 Robotics
Master Pokey Kill More Robots
Necessary Evil Imminent Disaster
Weird Flex y_0 Robotics
Threshold of Pain Freakbots
Karen Team Guac-n-Queso
Rough Sketch Kill More Robots
Depressant Meds Team Guac-n-Queso
Wrangle Tangle the Noodle Bot Kill More Robots
Carl Rochester Robotics
Specture Rochester Robotics
The Saint Kill More Robots
Womddrous Adversary Logistics
Atoma Bots 'n' Stuff
CookieCutter Dead Batteries Robotics
Lasty Team Lasty
The Almighty "Crixus" Team Superbad Robotics
L1veWire Team Superbad Robotics
DestructO Team Superbad Robotics
Flying Uppercuts and Cool Kinematics Team Crackhead Energy
Unicorn Death Blade Team Crackhead Energy
Disappointment Imminent Disaster
Gowron's Glory Killa Bees Robotics
Rules of Aquisition Killa Bees Robotics
Paul’s Revenge Team Bad Engineering Choices
Antmine Sneaky Tiger Robotics
Aardvark Sneaky Tiger Robotics
Untitled Antweight Robot Delaz Robotics
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