BST Bot Bouts!


JediJill Mucci :

JediJill’s Droid Lab at Burns Science and Technology Charter School in Oak Hill, FL presents:

“BST Bot Bouts!”  

Generously Sponsored By: Palm Beach Bots!!!

Team Kraken will be judging the matches and Captain Matt Spurk will be the emcee and referee!

This will be a 1lb. Ant-weight and 3lb. Beetle-weight Robot Combat Competition in an 8' x 8' x 4' arena with a plywood floor.

Open to the Public to Enter

1st Place Prize for 1lb & 3lb: $500.00

2nd Place Prize for 1lb & 3lb: $250.00

3rd Place Prize for 1lb & 3lb: $100.00

Where: In our new gym!

160 Ridge Road

Oak Hill, FL 32759


March 12th and 13th, 2022.

Event Times:

Saturday 12:30 pm to 6:30 pm

Sunday 12:30 pm to 6:30 pm

Robot Safety Check-in will be in the afternoon/evening Friday, March 11th. From 1:30 pm to 7 pm. There may be limited check-ins with prior permission of the event coordinator on Saturday from 11:00 to 11:45.

Volunteers are needed to help run concessions, set up/tear down the arenas, enforce rules such as care of the gym floor, no littering, no roughhousing, and no running inside, and to help keep the event running smoothly!

Doors will not open for teams until AFTER 10:45 am on Saturday. Only team members and coaches are allowed in the pits or in the building before doors open for patrons at noon.

Deadline for robot safety check-ins: 11:30 am March 12th - (Roboteers are encouraged to complete pit set up and safety check-ins Friday March 11th from 1:30 pm to 7 pm.

Release form and payment due at check-in. 1lb Ants- $20.00 entry fee (Open for 32 Entries)

3lb Beetles- $25.00 entry fee (Open for 16 Entries)

All entry fees go to help JediJill’s Droid Lab!

Robots may be disqualified at any time at the event organizer’s discretion.

Contact JediJill ahead of time if you are not sure your robot meets the SPARC ruleset.

Event information: Check-in and safety inspections: Friday 1:30 pm to 7:00 pm Builders’ meeting: 5 pm Friday and 11:45 am Saturday Brackets are Double Elimination, 2-minutes per match, and matches may begin as early as 12:00 pm.

Tickets for all patrons, friends, and family are $8.00 per person for ages 10 and up. $2.00 each for ages 5 to 9. Ages 4 and under are free. (Only the coaches and the roboteers may enter the pit area! They pay separately to enter the competition.)

VIP Tickets are $25.00 and includes seating in the VIP section of the bleachers, one slice of pizza, and one bottle of water.

Some important rules:

  1. Robots with active weapons must only be activated inside an arena! (This is rule #1! You will be disqualified immediately and receive NO refund of fees if you break this rule!)
  2. Everyone MUST be as gentle as possible on the gym floor!!!!!!
  3. No drilling or grinding inside buildings. We will have an area set up outside for this.
  4. Only teams showing great sportsmanship will be allowed to compete and return for future tournaments! (See SPARC rule sets)
  5. Leave no trace-anywhere! Clean up your pit area and leave NO trace of litter ANYWHERE on this campus! Carry your trash with you until you find a bagged trashcan.
  6. No flame weapons. See SPARC rulesets for all other questions about what is off-limits.
  7. Only coaches and roboteers are allowed in the pits!
  8. A weapon lock is required for all weapons.
  9. All Lipo batteries must be in a LiPo bag while charging. -- Bring your own power strips.
  10. It is expected that all coaches and builders will follow basic safety practices during work on the robot/s at your pit station. Safety glasses must be always worn in the pits. No running, unsupervised children or roughhousing is allowed indoors. Please be alert and aware of your pit neighbors and be mindful of people passing by to get to and from the arena with their robots.

Location: 160 Ridge Rd, Oak Hill, FL 32759, USA


From: March 12, 2022 to March 13, 2022

Begin: 12:30

End: 06:30

Registration: December 07, 2021 - March 10, 2022

Team Registration fee: 25.00 USD

Bot Class Registrations
1lb - Antweight 33
3lb - Beetleweight 8