Robot Fight Club


Lucas Phillips :

When: Saturday, March 12th at 9:15 (see schedule below)

Where: Penn Central Mall, Oskaloosa Iowa

Weight Classes: 1lb Antweight (24 spots available) 150g Fairyweight (8 spots available)

Cost: $10.00 per fairyweight, $20.00 per antweight, cash only paid at the event, OPEN TO SPECTATORS FREE OF CHARGE

IMPORTANT: The venue opens all doors at 10:00 am. You may arrive as early as 8:00 and check-in begins at 9:15, for competitors arriving before 10 you will need to use the door directly left of Dollar General (which is part of the mall). 



Team Lusiopia Robotics and affiliates are proud to announce Robot Fight Club, Iowa’s first (I think) robot combat competition. This will be an all-day event on Saturday, March 12th, held at Penn Central Mall in Oskaloosa Iowa. This is an awesome venue, as there is tons of parking, pit space, and space in general, so a huge thank you to Penn Central Mall. The mall has plenty of power outlets, but be sure to bring your own extension cords and anything else you need to keep your robots in the action. Tables and chairs will also be provided (but feel free to bring your own if you want), just be sure not to damage the tables by accidentally drilling into, burning them, etc. The arena is a 4’x4’x2’ box with overhead loading doors and a wooden floor. I’m in the process of adding a pit and possibly a screw hazard. For build rules, fight rules, and judging guidelines I will be following MRCA recommendations (although this is NOT a MRCA qualifier event), which can be found here: The tournament will be double elimination with 24 bots in the antweight bracket and 8 bots in the fairyweight bracket. When registering for this event please limit your entrants to 1 bot per weight class per driver. If in the last 2 weeks or so before the competition there are still spots available then feel free to register more bots at that time. An entry fee of $10 for fairyweights and $20 for antweights will be collected at the event upon check-in (cash only please). This event will also be open, free of charge, to any spectators who want to watch. I’m really hoping that we can use this event to interest kids in robot combat and STEM, so please feel free to answer any questions that spectators may have and show them your robots. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out on Discord @Robot Fight Club or email me. Thank you all for helping to make this event possible and I’ll see you there!!

Event Schedule:

8:00 am: This is when the venue will open, any competitors are welcome to help set up or to start getting ready for their fights.

9:15-9:45 am: Registration, at this time all robots and drivers are expected to report. Weigh-ins will be conducted and fees collected. Finalization of brackets and safety checks will also be happening at this time.

10:00 am: Builder’s meeting, we’ll be going over rules one more time and answering any questions that builders may have. Also, you may use this time (when not at the meeting) to finish preparing for your fights.

10:30 am Fights begin!!! Kicking off the day will be antweights, with fairyweight rounds being mixed in as the day goes on. Remember, only 25 minutes for repairs between fights per robot is guaranteed so be sure to stay on top of repairs.

1:15 pm: One-hour lunch break, there are many restaurants in the immediate area (including in the mall) where you can eat lunch, but also be sure to use this time to fix your bot if you are still in the antweight bracket as fights will immediately follow.

2:15 pm: Fights resume, after a quick antweight round fairyweights will start at this time.

5:22 pm: Finals for both brackets

5:34 pm: Awards and closing, remember that immediately after awards event teardown will begin so please feel free to help with that after you finish packing your team’s gear.

Check out the Robot Fight Club YouTube channel and discord for more info and updates.

Location: 200 High Ave W Suite 23, Oskaloosa, IA 52577, USA


Date: Saturday, March 12, 2022

Begin: 09:15

End: 18:00

Registration: January 21, 2022 - March 10, 2022

Bot Class Registrations
150g - Fairyweight 9
1lb - Antweight 22