3lb - Beetleweight

3lb - Beetleweight


Date: Saturday, June 30, 2018

Begin: 08:30

End: 18:00


Maximum Combatant Age:

Minimum Combatant Age:

Maximum Combatants: 12

Minimum Combatants:


Bot Team
Flower Power Team Death by Monkeys
Robot Fighter Team Death by Monkeys
Medow Team Death by Monkeys
Flycutter BeaversBots
Ouroboros Team Small Robots
Animus Team Widows Peak
Icky Mouse Team Widows Peak
Dark Slayer Dark Forces
Dark Pummeler Dark Forces
Bee Tle Hive Robotics
Murder Pig Team War Pig
Allosaurus Team DinoBots
Tyrael Microverse
Scary Terry Microverse
Pizza King Food Fight
Raise the Roof Del Mar Bot Depot
Beetlejuice Bax Attack
Magnetic Inclination BeaversBots
Debacle Team Velocity
Poison Tri-Poloski
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