Build Fight Fun! Bot Brouhaha


Brian Boatright :

Build Fight Fun! Bot Brouhaha at Infinity Con Tallahassee

Build Fight Fun is excited to hold our first combat robot event at the annual Infinity Con on June 4th and 5th in Tallahassee Florida! This event is open to all builders of any experience level!

About InfinityCon Tallahassee

Infinity Con is a one-of-a-kind pop culture convention that brings together artists, enthusiasts, and creators of comic books, video & tabletop gaming, anime, sci-fi and more. In addition to over 100 vendors, artists, and exhibitors, we're expanding to include specialized areas concentrating on anime, gaming, cosplay, and kids. The gaming area, dubbed "Gameaggedon" will feature freeplay console games, pinball and arcade games, table top games, and VR games. Don't miss the action-packed, arena-sized Super Smash Brothers tournament happening all weekend in the arena, or the ever-popular Cosplay Contest on Saturday. Join us in Tallahassee in June for other exciting family-friendly events and entertainment throughout the weekend. 



In order to attend InfinityCON, you are REQUIRED to buy a pass from the convention's website. Be mindful that this is a 2-day tournament if you are planning to compete.

You can buy your pass here:

While convention passes will be available day-of the event, tournament registration ends on Wed , June 1st at 11:59PM EDT.

We have secured a 10% discount for all builders and their friends and family. Use code BuildFightFun10 at checkout

Keep in mind that tickets are non-refundable, as described on the convention's website linked above.

Unless you volunteer, there is no option to participate in the robot event without purchasing a ticket for InfinityCon.


Tournament Info

Event and Prize Pool is Sponsored By Build Fight Fun!

Combat Robotics for Everyone!

Prize Pool over $2,500*

*Individual prize amounts to be determined based on competitors in each class. 

Bot Photos

We ask each competitor to upload a render or ideally an actual photo of your robot to the event website. We also ask that after passing safety you allow us to take a photo of your bot at our photo booth. Robots registered with no render or photo may be bumped for those who have one.



We're happy to have any available volunteers help with the event. If you have family/friends coming that aren't fond of sitting in the pits all day playing games on their phone we can always use help.  Pit Runners, Judges, Safety, and possibly announcers.

Want a free ticket to the event and have at least 4 hours to volunteer?

Each 4 hour shift earns a day pass, volunteers for the morning shift and spends the afternoon enjoying the rest of the event. Work the evening shift on Saturday and spend Sunday enjoying the event.

Sorry but you cannot volunteer Saturday or Sunday afternoon and have access to the event that morning.

Volunteers also get a free Build Fight Fun! shirt  


We appreciate any help you can provide. Please use this link to apply for a volunteer position.

Location: 505 W Pensacola St, Tallahassee, FL 32301, USA


From: June 04, 2022 to June 05, 2022

Begin: 10:00

End: 16:00

Registration: May 02, 2022 - June 02, 2022

Bot Class Registrations
150g - Fairyweight 1
1lb - Antweight 14
3lb - Beetleweight 8