Annual SmashBotz Backyard Brawl!


Jerry Serafin :

  Just because you have all been asking for it; SmashBotz is comming back home to where it all started! The event is capped low to keep logistics easier and the event from running too long. All are welcome to spectate, and the event is all ages. There might be a door fee for spectators once things get going. If you have found registration is full, please email me and we may be able to make space for you, however we will be prioritizing registration for locals and newer builders/robots.   You will need to bring all that you need (tables chairs tools coolers, etc) as there is limited resources at the property. We will have the BBQ going as we have done in the past but there is also lots of amazing local food nearby. 


Plenty of residential parking.  Please be respectful of neighbors if they ask you to move or keep a space clear. Plan on dropping off by the big metal gate side of the house (Glade Ave.) before looking for parking.   

Things to Bring:

Registration Money


Easy ups!!!!!

Power strips




Spare parts and tools

Eye protection

Ear protection



Under 18 must be accompanied by parents or guardians anyone welcome to attend registrants must register before the event to ensure competition slots you may bring a robot in case spots open day of you should contact event organizer about last minuite registrations additional registration will be taken in order of wait list Come hang out with veteran and star combat robot builders, get some battles in, and have a nice easy bot smashing saturday!


SCAR (Southern California Attack Robotics) discord:

SCAR Facebook: Southern California Attack Robotics (SCAR) | Facebook

Event Organizer:  Jerry

Robot Design Ruleset:  SPARC Ruleset

Judging: SPARC Judging Ruleset (unmodified)

Match rules:  SPARC Match Rules (unmodified)   


10:00am Check-in and Weigh-ins begin

10:30am Competitor Meeting

11:00am Fights Begin!

??:00pm Awards ceremony 

Location: 22103 Schoolcraft St, Canoga Park, CA 91303, USA


Date: Saturday, July 02, 2022

Begin: 09:35

End: 20:00

Registration: May 13, 2022 - July 02, 2022