Botaroo- Backwoods Combat Robotics

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We are located in middle TN in a private commercial building.  We have plenty of pit area and parking for all competitors.  Participants may enter more than 1 bot per class, we will do our best to allow  everyone time for repairs.  There is no charge to compete and will be double elimination style  for Friday and Saturday.


Friday we will host fairies and plastic ants. Doors will open at 4pm central, competition will begin at 6pm.  We will be using an 8x8 arena with a wooden floor and with multiple pits/traps.  TPU is allowed for printed ants, as well as any other conventional printed material.  No bullitt material or CNC parts allowed. No flame bots allowed. If you have questions, please contact Jason Rogers.


Saturday we will host 1 lb ant and 3 lb beetle classes.  We have a 6x6x4 arena made from 1/2in polycarbonate and additional ½ in x12in  poly toe board with seamless steel floor. We have a ventilator system built into the area to push any fumes outside in the event of a fire. Unlimited magnets are allowed.


Sunday we will host a Vegas style competition with 1lb and 3lb beetles.  You will be supplied with 3 chips per bot when you arrive. Chips will be color coded for weight class.  You select your opponent and agree on how many chips to wager. Both competitors have to agree to compete and on the wager. Whoever has the most chips at the end will be the winner in each weight class. If there are ties, a one match play-off will be used to determine final placing.


We will have a food truck on site, but coolers are welcomed. Please bring extra power strips if needed.


Cabins and hotel rooms are available Henry Hotron State Park about 10 minutes from the event. Cabins have two bedrooms and a pull out couch. Cabins are limited, so call and reserve yours early if you would like one.


Over $1200 in prize money will be given out over the course of the weekend thanks to our sponsors. 

Palm Beach Bots

Send Cut Send 

CNC Madness 

Servo City 

Repeat Robotics 

Monster Bolts

Location: 6051 Nashville Hwy, Chapel Hill, TN 37034, USA


From: November 18, 2022 to November 20, 2022

Begin: 18:00

End: 18:00