Grind City Robot Combat - Pre-Yule Bash


150g (Fairy) and Plastic Ant:  4' x 4' arena, wood floor, push out box, with a .5-1" lip (hasn't been determied yet)


When: Saturday, December 3dth,  2022

Where:  2804 Bartlett Rd #3, Bartlett, TN 38134

Weapons need a weapon safety lock. Lipo Batteries need to manage and stored properly. The arena(s) will be located in the main shop area with access to a bay door in the event of a lipo fire. Stream details will be hosted on

Requirements for all attendees:

Midsouth Maker's Precautions:

Tournament Rules

Contact Information: You can contact Brian at with any questions comments or concerns. 

Location: 2804 Bartlett Rd #3, Bartlett, TN 38134, USA


Date: Saturday, December 03, 2022

Begin: 10:00

End: 18:00

Registration: August 27, 2022 - December 02, 2022

Bot Class Registrations
Fairy 9
Plastic Ant 10