ALL AGES Keep in mind its adult themes will be present at the event so condider that when brining little ones. Limited Space! All of the event is in a 10x 20 booth and its byotac(bring you own table and chairs) Power is very limited bring your own power brick if you can, be prepared to charge at a comunal table.


This event will be ran just like our bar events it will have plenty of spectators and it's a great time. To keep fights running as continuously as possible without the pressure of time constraints, we run an "ante up" system. Upon registration (free), each bot is given 3 chips. Builders can challenge each other and bet at least 1 chip on the fight; winner takes the pot at the end of the fight. You can bet as many chips as you want on your own match, (and only your own matches). Once you're out of chips, your bot is out! Fairys Antweights and Beetleweights have different color chips. At the end of the night, the bot with the most chips per weightclass takes first in their weightclass, second most chips takes second, etc. Trophies will be awarded. In the event of a tie, the crowd will determine placement with a vote determined by gladiatorial cheering.

Battle it out to the cheers of cosplayers and other vegas weebs. There is no bracket and results are not sent to BotRank, so it's the perfect time to test out a new configuration or build and go hard!

All participating builders should join the SCAR Discord ( or Facebook group to challenge each other to the first round of fights. After the first round of fights, bots that are ready to fight can challenge each other and make their bets. If you want to sit out a round for repairs, that's fine! Every bot should get at least 2 fights, as long as they are fight-ready. If no other bots are ready when you are looking for a fight, event organizers may furnish an opponent for you.


VCR uses the SPARC Ruleset along with the following amendments for its competitions:

For any questions on the rules, please email or post a question on Vegas Combat Robotics Facebook page.


Our event will be taking place at Anime Gear Guru. 1129 S Rainbow Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89146.

Stream The event will be live streamed at:


3pm: Early arrival, pit & arena setup

4:30pm: Builder meeting, final safety checks!

5pm: First round challenges issued, fights & streaming (if able) begins!

9:45pm or last bots standing: Chips counted; trophies awarded. 10:00pm : even is over and we load up the arena.

Location: 1129 S Rainbow Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89146, USA


Date: Saturday, December 10, 2022

Begin: 04:30

End: 10:00

Registration: November 16, 2022 - December 10, 2022

Bot Class Registrations
Fairyweight 5
1lb - Antweight 3
Beetles 4