Robotica 2.0 @ Comicpalooza


David Brunet :

This will be our 2nd Annual Robotica@Comicpalooza 3 Day Event. This year we will have various robotics groups participating. The main attraction will be HACR Combat Robotics, as well as other Robotics Competitions. The fees are for a weekend Pass to ROBOTICA and Comicpalooza. This year, i will be purchasing all the tickets on behalf of all the competitors to ensure we get the best rate for the tickets. It is important for you to understand the fee is non-refundable, and i will be sending out requests for payment to confirm your attendance and to collect the fees for the event. The Registration fee includes your Ticket to the Event as well as Participation in the Class you choose. If you want to participate in Multiple Classes there will be an incremental fee for that class.  For example if you are participating in the 150g Class the pass will be $80 for the weekend, if you also wanted to participate in the 1lb class, there would be an additional $20 fee, the same to also participate in the 3lb class. So the total would be $80 1st class + $20 second class + $20 Third class for a total of $120 for you to compete in all 3 classes. Also each additional team member will also need to pay the $80 fee, we are working on a Team Discount structure, but i haven't worked that out with them yet.  This year, we are also going to offer prize money, and it will be a portion of the Fee's that are paid. We will announce that once we have confirmed all the logistics, by mid February.   

We will have 4 Arena's for combat robotics we have a 150g Arena, 1 lb Arena, 3 lb Arena and 12/15 lb Arena (Tentatively waiting on confirmation) 

We expect to have an arena to support the 12/15 lb weight classes for this event. It is possible this could be cancelled and i will keep you all up to day. (its also possible we may support up to the 30 lb class as well, but unlikely at this point) 



Location: 1001 Avenida De Las Americas, Houston, TX 77010, USA


From: May 26, 2023 to May 28, 2023

Begin: 10:00

End: 17:00

Registration: January 08, 2023 - May 24, 2023