June Bug Bash

Special thank you to our sponsors:

We would like to recognize Chesapeake Arts Center and 5 Star Roofing for their continued support as well. 

Event organizer Ty McNeer email: tymcneer@comcast.net 


Please look at the bottom for updates.

- 04-21-2023 Updated

- 06-05-2023 Updated

- 06-06-2023 Updated


We are running the following classes at this event:

- Full combat 150 gram fairy weight

- 3d printed plastic 1 pound ant weight

- Full combat 1 pound ant weight


Event schedule: (Please note that our normal times have changed.)


To check in, please come to the front table and a MACRO staff member will guide you through the process.


Please see MACRO Robot Construction Specifications for construction specifications.


Address: RC Underground Arena, 8775 Cloudleap Ct, Columbia, MD 21045 (If you use Google Maps, enter "RC Underground Arena" and NOT the address, as it will put you in the parking lot of the shopping mall, rather than the parking lot for the event.)


Site and event rules: (This is a change from our previous venue, UAS)

1. All lipos *must* be charged in a lipo bag, in case of fire

2. Please do NOT walk on the RC car jumps/obstacles.  

3. Do not cross into areas which are taped off.

4. Once you have unloaded, please move your car to the designated parking area, as the venue has extremely limited parking available.  On the day of the event, competitors will be directed to the designated parking area.

5. Follow the black tiles floor from the registration to the pits.  The pit area has a red tiled floor.


Tournament procedures

  1. The least dangerous robot goes in the box first. The most dangerous in the box last.
  2. The most dangerous bot comes out first, if at all possible. Then the least dangerous bot.
  3. If a battery becomes exposed, the match is over. The arena safety officer has final say over this safety issue.
  4. In the pits, keep you bots turned off, weapons safeties on and the wheels off the ground.
  5. We will have someone call next match, and on deck match. We will also try to post the current brackets and next fight within the Discord event channel. We have 20 minutes between matches for any one bot, so towards the end, we will likely be having grudge matches to fill time.
  6. No late hits. If the other bot is disabled, ask before you hit them again. Basically be polite.
  7. Have fun, play safe.


There will be a test box available for use throughout the day (thank you NHRL!) Please use it for any testing.



- 04-21-2023 - MACRO has reached an agreement with the awesome folks at RC Underground Arena in Columbia MD, to use their facility.  Please read the entire event announcement over, as a number of things have changed, including venue location, parking and the requirement for lipo charging bags.

- 06-05-2023 - Please read the event announcement over and confirm you understand the latest developments. 

- - Added a note about NOT using the address to navigate to the event

- - Added information about navigation within the event space

- - Added pictures for clarification of the event location and the procedure for unloading and parking

- 06-06-2023 - changed the event end time to reflect the fact we must be done and off site by 8 pm.

Location: 8775 Cloudleap Ct, Columbia, MD 21045, USA

Website: https://www.macrobot.us

Date: Saturday, June 10, 2023

Begin: 09:00

End: 21:00

Registration: May 01, 2023 - June 10, 2023