Turnabot Turnament - Atlanta 2


Scott Siegel :     builder@turnabot.com

Bracket Link - https://challonge.com/TrnTrnA2


Get your battle fix in a few hours on a Saturday morning!


*Loaner-Bots and **Demo-Bots will be available!  (Anyone can get a few matches completely free!)


Hook your friends with "easy" entry into the world of Combat Robots!


*Loaner-Bots will be checked out to an individual for the entire competition and can be run by participants of any age (we've had plenty of 5 year-olds that have won matches). We do need an adult "associated" with them to check them out. Checkouts will be done at 9am and will include instruction on operating them and charging them between rounds. This will give time to practice before the 10am start. Charging must be done by an adult or capable young person (event organizer's discretion for people under 15). We'll handle any maintenance beyond charging. Reservations can be made ahead of time by emailing us at builder@turnabot.com.

**Demo-Bots will be available for anyone to experience in the practice arena. Try out several different types of bots for a few minutes at a time.


*** This event is appropriate for ALL experience levels! ***

There will be plenty of people that this is their first time doing anything with combat robots. There will also be people that have hundreds of matches under their belts, have nationally ranked bots, and a few that have built 250lb Heavyweights and been on the BattleBots TV show.


*** REGISTRATION - bots must be listed as "150g - Fairyweight" in order to register for this event ***


The goals of the Turnabot Turnaments (a 150g Sportsman / Safe / Non-Destructive Combat Robot League) include:

1. Develop a class where everyone can ENJOY Combat Robots as easily, cheaply, and safely as possible. 

2. Maximize battle time and minimize rebuild time.

3. Promote the developement of bots that can safely battle in open air arenas, while still being fully competitive in Full-Combat 150g events.

    (7 of the top 10 nationally ranked 150g Full-Combat bots were Sportsman / Non-Destructive in 2022!)

4. Create short-duration Turnaments that make it easy to bring friends and family that are not YET bot enthusiasts.

5. Develop the supporting components to facilitate "Turnament" series in several cities.


The plan is to run 4-6 events per year, possibly culminating in a "qualified championship" event.


Event Structure:

The "Turnabot Turnament" event structure uses up to 4 TurnaboX arenas simultaneously to allow up to 32 competitors to battle through a 2-stage tournament in about 2 hours of battle time. It also enables several grudge / practice matches for anyone that wants that extra battle time. Realistically an eager competitor can get at least 4 matches, regardless of their results.

*New 2-Stage bracket structure* -

1st Stage - Groups of 8 competitors at EACH of the 4 arenas run Double-Elimination to that arena's Final 2 bots (Final 8 for the competition). The 2 rounds of "Grudge / Charge / Pause" before rounds 12 and 13 are reserved for the bots that had the least matches. (This gives every competitor at least 3 matches, regardless of results and saves several rounds with required "charge / repair pauses" between the Final 2 bots.)

2nd Stage - Final 8 competitors run Single-Elimination to the Championship. 

In order to complete up to 16 rounds we will need to stay on a strict schedule. Please try to be "on deck" at your arena before your match to cheer on the previous competitors and possibly help with judging.

Doors will open at 9 am. Battling will start at 10 am sharp and should finish near noon. We'll shoot to have awards and cleanup done by 12:30 pm.

TurnaboX Arenas:

Each TurnaboX Arena is made of high-quality coroplast with a 49" x 42" floor, 5" outer walls, 2 triangular lipped and "guarded" corner pits and 2 lipped square mid-floor pits. Another key to the success of these "easy and often" events is the use of these lightweight arenas. Please consider this when designing or selecting bots to reduce wear and tear on the arenas. Pics and details are available here: TurnaboX Link TurnaboX Pic


Matches can be won 4 ways:

  1. Scoring 5 points before the 3-minute buzzer.

  2. Being ahead on points at the 3-minute buzzer.

  3. Winning the next point after the 3-minute buzzer (if tied at the buzzer).

  4. Winning the judges decision after the 5-minute buzzer (if tied at the 4-minute buzzer).

Points are awarded for getting an opponent into a pit (or out of the arena, which is rare, but possible), or getting an oponent stuck where they cannot move for a 10-second count-out. The later is typically achieved by flipping a bot that does not have a self-righting-mechanism (SRiMech) or balancing them on the edge of a pit where their wheels don't touch and they can't get off. When a competitor believes their opponent is immobile they should count down from 10 out loud.

Match structure:

Matches begin with each bot touching their corner color zone and 5 scoring sticks in the wall protecting each corner pit.

After a 3-2-1-Activate the large clearly visible 3-minute countdown clocks starts. All 4 arenas start at the same time.

Each time a competitor gets their opponent into a pit, or a bot cannot show motion for a 10-second count-out, they win a scoring stick. They pull a scoring stick from their corner pit and place it into the wall behind their corner.

If both bots go into the pit at the same time and there was a mutually-accepted clear aggressor, they win that point.

If the competitors do not agree, then neither player scores and they can call for an official to watch the rest of that match.

There will only be a few floating officials, part of the success of this type of "easy" event is the general good sportsmanship of bot builders.

Both bots are immediately reset touching their color zones and both competitors say 3-2-1-Activate together.

This repeats until either one competitor has acquired 5 scoring sticks, or until the 3-minute buzzer sounds.

If the scores are tied at the 3-minute buzzer then that arena goes to sudden-death, the next pitter, or 10-second count-out wins! (This will let everyone watch those ultimate final battles. In the unusual case that the match is undecided at 4-minutes, the last minute will be judged.)

To keep the competition enjoyable, stationary pins are limited to 5-seconds. Carrying another bot around the arena is limited to 10-seconds. (The operator of the pinned or carried bot should count out loud)

There will be roughly 2-minutes until the next match begins in each arena. This should allow at least 5 minutes between each bot's matches for the early rounds.

Depending on entries, at some point there will no longer be a minimum of 1 round between each bot's matches so 5 minute "charge breaks / grudge matches" will be conducted between competition rounds. Generally, there will be at least 3 rounds with all 4 arenas available for grudge matches. We'll prioritize those who had the least matches so everyone that wants to should be able to get at least 3 matches in 2 hours! Again, a motivated person should be able to get at least 4 matches, even if they don't win any.


*** Given the goal of supporting a large number of competitors in a short amount of time, please ensure that in under 5 minutes you can either swap batteries or charge enough to make it through the next round. Turnabots for example can easily battle for 20+ minutes straight and a few minutes of charging between rounds is plenty to keep them running for the whole turnament.

"Normal" rules:

The SPARC ruleset is a good place to start. Basics include, no liquid, no electrical weapons, no entanglement, etc.

Bot builders are generally VERY creative, which is most certainly encouraged. For these events to be fun and fair the bots must be sized and shaped so that they can be "stuck" in the pits. As long as they cannot escape the "most likely orientation that they'll end up in the pits" they will be legal to participate. If in doubt, please contact your Event Organizer with pictures and dimensions.

For these events, obviously no cleated wheels or other things likely to damage the arenas. Excessively sharp forks are likely to get a bot stuck, which will trigger a 10-second count-out, concluding as a point for the opponent so design, build, and drive accordingly.

Regarding the "sportsman / non-destructive" rules:

The intent of this class to allow SAFE battling in open air arenas. The bots must have absolutely zero capability of hurting someone directly or by launching shrapnel. Not damaging other bots or the arenas is secondary to being safe. Even though the arenas are made of high-quality coroplast, please ensure your bot cannot do permanent damage to the arenas. A good test might be attempting to damage a strong cardboard box. When in doubt, please send questions, ideally with pics or video to the Event Organizer (EO). Understandably the bots must remain safe for the entire turnament. The EOs will always have the final determination on whether a bot is safe enough to participate in the competition.

Other rules:

Safety glasses are strongly recommended for everyone near moving bots. We will have some loaners available, but it would be good for everyone to bring some.

We will all need to ensure that we take care of the property. Soldering, heat guns etc need to be used either on concrete or solder mats.


If you have any questions or feedback please do not hesitate to contact us at builder@turnabot.com or use the below to get to our FB page and message us or post a comment.



Location: 5676 Roberts Dr, Dunwoody, GA 30338, USA

Website: https://turnabot.com/

Date: Saturday, May 13, 2023

Begin: 09:00

End: 13:00

Registration: March 15, 2023 - May 12, 2023

Team Registration fee: 10.00 USD

Bot Class Registrations
150g - Sportsman / Non-Destructive 13