SYN-ACK Attack


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Robert Stehn :

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It's time for the SYN-ACK Attack brought to you by Battleborn Robotics, The SYN Shop and The Synshop Livestream! This is the first of many events held at the SYN Shop, a maker/hacker space located in Las Vegas NV.

For this event, we will be running Fairies(150g), Ants (1lbs), and Plastic Ants (1lbs plastic only). Limited to 16 TEAMS, and it will be our classic ante system. Because we have a team limit - not a bot limit, when joining, you will be wait listed and manually moved to active as soon as possible.

We will be using the SPARC rule set with the following exceptions. There is a 150% weight bonus for nonconventional movement. No Flame Throwers are allowed.

There will also be a black border 1.5 inches from the wall of the arena for those with an autonomous robot!

Prizes for 1st 2nd and 3rd place will be provided by Matterhackers! Check out their summer deals at

As always the event will be live streamed by The Synshop Livestream: at

This is an all ages event, so please keep the robot names PG13.

Location: 5967 Harrison Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89120, USA


Date: Saturday, July 15, 2023

Begin: 09:00

End: 17:00

Registration: April 03, 2023 - July 15, 2023

Bot Class Registrations
Fairy weight 7
Ant weight 13
Plastic Ant weight 7