Arashi Gen3
3lb - Beetleweight
Arashiv3 1
Event Place Points
Angry Vehicle Competition 2022! 0

This whirling monstrosity of a walking ring spinner has never seen the bright side of the scoreboard, but its been perfect for us as an educational project. The nature of the walking ring spinner design necessitates a certain level of complexity not seen in most combat robots, and has presented numerous design challenges for our team.

We're confident that this year Arashi will finally be able to perform consistantly in the box, as we've been hard at work during COVID addressing each and every issue that Arashi Gen1 and Gen2 ran into. Its been a challenge, and there have been more hours put into Arashi Gen3 than both Gen1 and 2 combined! Here's a few of the new improvements we hope to bring in Gen3: Active cooling + Full Modularity (with enough spares to make 2 robots) + Improved weapon torque + Improved weapon regidity + Walking System redesigned for improved mobility + Several other improvements.

As always, complexity breeds trouble! But we're here to learn from our mistakes and overcome difficult problems! The opportunities for growth and learning which Arashi has given our team over its few years has been invalueable to our education. In the end thats what really matters, though none of us would pass up the opportunity to wipe some rubbish off the battlebox floor if it comes to that!