Noob Tube
3lb - Beetleweight

Full-body drum spinner

  • 1-2 : NHRL January 2023 (Hubs overheated)
  • 5-0 : WAR Hobby Expo 2023
  • 2-2 : RCL National Championship 2023 (Failures were battery disconnect and poor wheel print)
  • 4-1 : WAR at Seattle Makers 8-5 (loss was a close JD on a slugfest)
  • 1-1 : NHRL September 2023 (out-driven, overheated. Wheel design was slow/jumpy in one direction)
  • 6-2 : Rumble in Redmond (bad set screw on first loss, losing wheel on 2nd loss)
  • 4-0 : Crimson Bot Brawl - Fall 2023
  • 5-0 : WAR@PDX
  • 4-1 : WAR Hobby Expo 2024 (Impact Lab has good keep away forks. I overheated and a wheel fell off)
  • 3-2 : RoboGames 2024 (I was not prepared for the lack of grip on Cali floors)
  • 3-2 : RCL National Championship 2024 (small arena and no grip lead to over-exersion and overheat)

Total: 38-13

Areas of improvement:

Heat dissipation: I tend to overheat near the end of most matches, sooner if I push it too hard. I carved holes in a few tubes to fix this but it didn't help much. I'm now trying to grind a spiral around each motor for a deliberate air path. Hopefully ready for the next tourney.

Grip: Although my grip is good in the WAR arena, I need a solution for wood and bare-steel floors. Do I print wheels with a mixture of 2 different TPUs? Do I cast urethane feet on the tips of my wheels? Maybe coat the wheels in liquid latex? Don't know...

Forky Control Bots: I am now 0-4 against Impact Lab and Supreme Ruler. Fixing heat issues will help, but I want to come up with a special config to counter the keep-away tactics.