Robot Combat League National Championship

Who will be the Robot Combat League's National Champions?

The Robot Combat League National Championship will bring the Top Ranked Combat Robots from across North America together to see who is truly the best. 

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How are robots selected? Robot ranks are calculated based on how well robots place at participating events. You can get the details on how the ranking scores are calculated here.

What weight classes are included? The championship event will include robots ranging from 150g Fairyweights to 30lbs including full combat Featherweights.   

How many robots qualify for nationals?

Fairy Plastics  Ants Beetles Hobby Sportsman Feather
32 32 32 32 16 16 16

Since we want to put on a good show, every effort will be made to fill out the brackets. Especially for the 12lb and up weight classes where we can accept more than the target numbers.

What if a top ranked bot can't attend the event? If a top ranked bot can not attend the championship event, robots further down the list will receive an invite.  So if only the top 12 of 16 Sportsman bots can come, the next 4 in the rankings will be invited. To make sure alternates are invited with enough time to make travel arrangements, we are asking that invited robots let us know if they can attend as soon as possible. 

What is the Event Format? For all weight classes, the event will use a true double-elimination format. If a team has two robots that are scheduled to compete, the bots must fight each other so you'll need a radio for each robot.  If both bots are functional but you don't want them to fight each other then the winner will be decided by a coin toss. If a bot truely cannot continue due to damage it will be allowed to forefit at the event organizers discretion.

What are the arenas?

What are the event rules? The championship event will use standard SPARC rules and procedures. If your bot competed and gained its points and rank in events using non-SPARC rules, you will need to update your bot to comply with the SPARC rules to compete at the Championship event.

Exposed Batteries: In an effort to reduce the liklihood of a full-on battery fire, if a robots batteries are completely exposed the referee will stop the match and the decision goes to the judges.

Arena Unsticks: There are no arena unsticks. With our arena designs, bots rarely become stuck. We do play by pinball rules, meaning that banging on the lexan to dislodge a robot is allowed at the descretion of the referee.

Robot Unsticks: We will follow the standard SPARC procedures. 

Magnets: Magnets are not allowed in the Plastic Antweight class per SPARC rules. This event will follow the SCAR club rules for magnets since we are using their arenas.  The magnetic forces in a robot can not be strong enough to allow it to stuck upsidedown on a steel plate.

When and Where is the Event?

The event will take place at the San Jose Event Center, April 18th thru 21st.

Builder Schedule

Check and Safety: Each weight class will compete over two days. Check-in and safety will start the day prior to the competition.  

We will start checking-in robots around 2pm on Thursday.

We will check in robots throughout the day on Friday.

Competition times: For the days you are competing, please arrive at the venue by 10am. Matches will start promptly at 11am when the doors open to the public.

Award Ceremonies: Award ceremonies will take place on the day that matches conclude for each weight class.

Robot Class Thur April 18th  Fri April 19th Sat April 20th Sun April 21st
Fairyweight Check-in Day 1 Day 2  
Plastic Ants   Check-in Day 1 Day 2
Ants Check-in Day 1 Day 2  
Beetles   Check-in Day 1 Day 2
Hobby   Check-in Day 1 Day 2
Sportsman Check-in Day 1 Day 2  
Featherweight Check-in Day 1 Day 2  

Hotel Deals

Hotel Address Phone Distance Rates Discount Code
Hyatt - Hotel de Anza 233 W. Santa Clara Street 408-286-1000 0.9 mi $189 G-ROB1
San Jose Marriott 301 S Market Street 408-280-1300 0.1 mi $229 RoboGames
Hilton San Jose 300 Almaden Blvd 408-287-2100 0.3 mi $199 RBO
Hyatt Place San Jose  282 Almaden Blvd 408-998-0400 0.3 mi $269 G-ROBO
Signia San Jose 170 S Market St 408-998-1900 0.4 mi $199 RoboGames
Marriott Santa Clara 2700 Mission College Blvd  408-970-6171 7.9 mi $229 RoboGames

Shipping: Please see the details on the bottom of the Robogames Competing page

Discord: More details including pictures of the arenas can be found on the SCAR Discord.

Are you interested in getting involved in the event or the Robot Combat League?

We want this event to be a success and to become a regular yearly event.  If you have skills that can help and/or are interested in volunteering please let us know. If you'd like to help or if you have questions, you can contact us at or fill out this short 3-question Google form

Location: 114 Viola Ave, San Jose, CA 95110, USA


From: April 18, 2024 to April 21, 2024

Begin: 14:00

End: 16:00

Registration: February 16, 2024 - December 17, 2024