ARC: RoboRumble April 2019

1lb - Antweight

1lb - Antweight

Date: Saturday, April 20, 2019

Begin: 09:45

End: 18:00


Maximum Combatant Age:

Minimum Combatant Age:

Maximum Combatants: 13

Minimum Combatants:

Bot Registration Fee: 20.00 USD


Bot Team Status
Odium Team Widows Peak
Tsunami Team Tanto
Brandon Team Grits and the Sandstorms
Talyn Mech Ninji
Eclair & Bonbon Resetti's Replicas
WhiteFang Fangs101
WarFang Fangs101
Tubey or Not Tubey Mallowbots
Cubey's Revenge Mallowbots
DBSC Isaaks Team
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