WAR Hobby Expo 2021 (Cancelled)

3lb - Beetleweight

We have a suggested donation of $20 per bot to help cover our costs.  WAR events are Free for builders but we do have storage, arena maintenance and other event related expenses.  All of the money we collect goes to the Seattle Robotics Association which is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit.  Please donate if you can but donating is not a requirement to compete. 

Date: Saturday, May 22, 2021

Begin: 08:00

End: 16:00


Maximum Combatant Age:

Minimum Combatant Age:

Maximum Combatants: 16

Minimum Combatants:

Bot Registration Fee: 20.00 USD


Bot Team Status
Disco Diablo Hazardous Toys
Allosaurus Team DinoBots
Off Track Team plan b
Drop the beat Animated destruction
Sharky House of Sinn
Firecracker Slam Dunk
Pizza King Food Fight
YAD-2 Team Kludge
WARSquawk! Catastrophe Curve Creations
Sandstorm Level 5 Robotics
Blink The Bot Brothers
Murder Pig Team War Pig
Charge!!! Team Dark Lotus
Bert T. Plane Team plan b
JoBad3 XBots
Neo Noir Team Farside
Drillium Drillium Robotics
Menasor Drillium Robotics
unknown avenger Team Ice
Mouser Mecanum Cat Bot Playbot
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