Maker Battle 2023


MakerspaceCT Hartford :

What is Maker Battle?

While this event is a competition, it also represents an opportunity to bring the community together! MakerspaceCT is a space where people and projects thrive, and we hope to partner with our sponsors and supporters in order to continue to provide this resource to Connecticut and beyond. Maker Battle 2023 will help us continue to provide equipment, community, and education through an unconventional medium.



MakerspaceCT - 36 Talcott Street, Hartford, CT, 06103 - parking on the street is free…paid lots available - read the signs. Click Here for Parking Info.

Spectator fee:

Adult $5, 5yrs or younger free

Team registration fee:

$40 (you will be billed separately, after you sign up, for the registration fee!)


1lb Weight Class - Safety & Physical Rules*







MakerspaceCT is a 28,000 sqft innovation lab, located in downtown Hartford. As a non-profit, open since 2019, the facility is positioned to bridge the gap between traditional skills and advanced technologies. MakerspaceCT is an on-ramp to many technologies for the Hartford region. High-tech specialties can be explored offering members and students an opportunity to access equipment, iterate and create. MakerspaceCT hosts classes in metal, wood and plastic fabrication while facilitating education in prototype and manufacturing techniques. Members explore the latest electronics, computer aided design (CAD) software coupled with CAM, 3D printing and CNC driven machinery. In addition to skills-based learning, MakerspaceCT offers a unique blend of shop experiences by hosting manufacturers, entrepreneurs, and students all in the same labs to learn, gain knowledge, using a hands-on approach and collaboration.

The entire facility contains innovative technologies and equipment for the entrepreneur and DIYers to bring napkin sketch concepts to reality every day.

MakerspaceCT is the place where dreams are realized with machinery and community.

Location: 36 Talcott St, Hartford, CT 06103, USA


Date: Saturday, April 29, 2023

Begin: 10:00

End: 16:00

Team Registration fee: 40.00 USD

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