Maker Battle 2023

1lb - Antweight

Rules page:

1lb Weight Class - Safety & Physical Rules*


  • All robots must have a weapon lock that prevents any spinning weapons from moving outside of the cage.
  • All robots must have a way to turn off the power without disassembling the robot.
  • All robots must pass a radio fail-safe test.


  • 1.0 lbs in a fight-ready condition. All robots will be weighed prior to their first match.
  • There is a .5 lb weight bonus for robots that do not use wheels or tracks for motion


  • No restrictions on size


  • Robots must use electrical systems that operate at or less than 25.2 volts - max 6s


  • Robots may include at least one active weapon
  • Projectiles are allowed, however - please email us details, a photo, and projectile speed must be below 100mph
  • The following weapon types are prohibited:
    • Nets
    • Flame throwers
    • Liquids of any kind
    • Weapons that purposefully disrupt radio signals
    • Strobe Lights
    • Lasers

Date: Saturday, April 29, 2023

Begin: 10:00

End: 16:00

Location: 36 Talcott Street Hartford, CT 06103

Maximum Combatant Age:

Minimum Combatant Age:

Maximum Combatants: 25

Minimum Combatants: 0

Bot Registration Fee: 40.00 USD

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