Crazed Madman
1lb - Antweight

This robot is my robot. It's fresh out of the asylum and ready to spark some chaos!! Put him in a strait jacket, and he'll strait up wreck you! Stick him in a padded room, and you'll be the one leaving in padded casket!!! Never call him "crazy", cuz he'll show you the true definition of CcRrRrRaAaAaAaAaAzZzZzZzZzYyYyY!! *insert psycotic laughter* LET CHAOS RULE!!!! 


Version 1.0: Common Viper chassis with 6062 Aluminum armor.

Version 2.0: Version 1.0 with coated wheels and plastic scoop.

Version 3.0: 7072 Aluminum and 1/8 inch polycarbonate armor with horizontal spinning weapons made of titanium/AR500 steel.

Version 4.0: Includes interchangeable weaponry such as spinners, grapplers, and lifters with upgraded armor, ranging from 7072 Aluminium to carbon fiber, to solid AR500 Steel. Weapons are made of the finest materials that are reliable and heavy hitting with brushless power.


(Unlisted Fight History)

July 11th, 2021: Robot Ruckus in Orlando, FL

September 11th, 2021: Robot Ruckus in West Palm Beach, FL

March 12, 2022: BST Bot Bouts in Oak Hill, FL