Blue Dream
1lb - Plastic Antweight
20220825 104232

Polymaker PLA Pro 3D-printed push-bot (Now with weapons!!). Scorpion Nano ESC going into Repeat Robotics brushed motors. 3D-printed bolt/nut holding on the forks/wedge.

Multiple configurations: Vertical spinner with ABS "teeth", Horizontal tri-bar (ABS), Defensive wedge/forks, Lifter (still working on this one).

Started as a way to learn Fusion 360 and re-use my Viper kit internals, now it's the current "Flagship" bot of Team Hell Cats.

Battle strategy is to control the opponent and then shove them into a pit, if available. Weaponized version may just go for a KO.

Overall Score: 20 Wins, 6 Losses

Blue Dream(v1)'s first event - OSCR Spring Skirmish 2022 - 1st Place, 6 Wins, 1 Loss (Pit)

Blue Dream(v1)'s second event - WAR at Seattle Makers 9/10/22 - 1st Place, 4 Wins, 1 Loss (coin toss), Rumble Winner

Blue Dream(v1.5)'s third event - OSCR Winter Wars '23 - 3rd Place, 5 Wins (1 was by forfeight), 2 Losses (Pit/JD)

Blue Dream(v1.5)'s fourth event - Olympia Tournament & Joust - 4th Place, 4 Wins, 2 Losses (JD)